Baton Rouge Dentist Offers Cosmetic Dentistry

smileWith the advent of advanced dental technologies, dentist Baton Rouge offers many dental procedures so that you do not have to endure living with broken or missing teeth. Damaged teeth can inhibit your ability to chew food properly as well as ruin your self image. But fortunately, porcelain crowns can improve your facial appearance as well as your smile.

Actually dental crowns were first used by wealthy Etruscans over nineteen hundred years ago. During that time period, gold was used as the preferred metal. However, this less than natural appearance, led them to search for other more aesthetic materials. It was in the 1990’s that the term cosmetic dentistry was coined. With the advent of such natural looking and strong materials, crowns became a viable option for individuals with damaged teeth.

Dentist Baton Rouge Louisiana offers many options to improve your beautiful smile. Crowns protect a weakened tooth from decay or restore a tooth that is worn down. Sometimes when there is not much tooth left, a crown is the right choice. Crowns can cover teeth that are severely discolored or misshapen. A dental implant always requires a crown.

The dentist prepares a tooth for a dental crown by removing tooth decay and any old filling materials. Procedures are quite painless because the area is numbed. A crown is attached securely over the remaining part of the tooth. With just little effort, you can improve your appearance. Click here to visit Grand Family Dentistry for more information.